How People Use Chopsticks Differently in Heaven and Hell【An Inspirational Story】

Rabbid Eating - 357/365 - 23 December 2011

(Photo by John Flinchbaugh)

A Chinese Christian just died and went up to Heaven. After an angel greeted him, the angel said, “Let me take you down to Hell before we go inside Heaven.”

Once they were there, the Chinese saw a huge table full of a big feast. However, everybody around the table looked real sad and starving. He asked the angel why.

The angel said, “They have to use chopsticks here but they only get a pair of 4-foot chopsticks. Thus each one of them cannot feed oneself because the chopsticks are too long.”

Then, they went back to Heaven and went inside. Again, the Chinese saw a huge table full of a big feast just like that in Hell and each person has a pair of 4-foot chopsticks too. However, strangely, everybody around the table looked happy and satisfied.

The angel explained, “Simple, here in Heaven each one feeds another with the chopsticks, unlike those selfish ones down there.”

Author Unknown

This includes some teaching whether it’s about feeding ourselves physically, mentally or spiritually. Consider how we use what’s given to us, and cooperate and support each other. Otherwise, we will gradually dry up like the people in Hell. We can’t live alone after all. 

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