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Profile: Yasu

Basic Info about Yasu

I was born and raised in Hokkaido, Japan.

I have wonderful parents and a dependable older brother.

I am in relationship with a beautiful and smart lady from Hong Kong.

I studied at International Christian University (Tokyo, Japan), Juniata College (Pennsylvania, USA), a theological seminary in the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, Canada) and University of Toronto (Toronto, Canada).

I worked in several churches in Japan and Canada, and a school in Singapore with B.A. in P.P.E. (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) and M.A. in Religious Education.

I am the founder and the representative of JAPANY.

I am the founder and the organizer of an intercultural community Good Spirits International in Sapporo, Hokkaido.

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Selected Church Messages: 
Has You Life Ever Ended Up in Michigan?
For God’s Sake, We Do It Differently.

My articles on TES London: How I Teach – Simulate a Cultural Clash

What I Love

I love learning. My main interest is in higher education, adult education, religious education and inter-cultural education. I am passionate about learning more about experiential learning, transformative learning and inter-cultural communication. I have M.A. in Education focusing on adult education and religious education. I am an eager transformative learner.

I love reading books. Reading books expands my world and deepens my inner self. My favorite writers are: Parker Palmer, Thomas Long, Barbara Brown Taylor, Frederic Buechner, Wayne Muller, Mary Oliver, Fred Craddock, William H. Willimon, Thomas Groome, Maria Harris, Stephen Brookfield, Diana Butler Bass, Marcus Borg, John Dominic Crossan, Walter Brueggemann, Thomas Merton, Jean Vanier, Henri Nouwen, Joyce Rupp, etc. I can list more but I guess I should stop here.

I love playing soccer. I’ve played soccer since I was in elementary school and was blessed to become an assistant soccer coach and a referee in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. I belonged to competitive Japanese soccer teams in my teenage years, and practiced soccer almost every single day for years. Playing and practicing soccer together with my nice teammates had taught me the spirit of “All for one, one for all”, which was a crucial learning experience in my youth.

I love playing acoustic guitar. I started playing when I was a junior high school student, but I haven’t practiced much especially since I started working at the church and studying in a grad school. I want to re-start my daily practice of the guitar as I find more space in my schedule.

I love traveling. I always crave for going abroad to experience different cultures and meet interesting people there. In Toronto and Singapore I lived in hostels for more than 2 years combined, and befriended with over 300 wonderful people. Daily practicum of intercultural communication transformed my paradigm.

I love skiing. My home town in Hokkaido has much snow in winter. My father started to take me to winter mountains to train me and my older brother to ski when I was four or five years old. Thanks to him and my great brother, I became a good skier as a child.

I love watching movies. The most favorite movies are: Life As a House, Good Will Hunting, The Breakfast Club, The Shawshank Redemption and Remember the Titans. Please let me know if there are other good movies you recommend. I’d love to know more about movies.

I love X Japan. X Japan is arguably the most influential rock band in Japan. Yoshiki, the leader of the band, is known to the world as the composer of The Golden Globe Theme. I’m a fan of the band since I was 12 years old.

I love hugging. I think “Thou shalt not stop hugging each other” must be somewhere in Leviticus Law…

Revised on April 7th, 2014.