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Zazzle Japanese Kanji Character Shop【Unique Custom-made Shirts, Flip Flops, Mugs, iPad/iPhone Cases, Accessories and Many More!】

    I'll never give up watch_mini

Watch “I’ll never give up”/Water Bottle “Friend”/ T-shirt “Ninja”/ iPhone Case “I understand Japanese. Speak to me in Japanese.”

Buy Japanese language items and support socially challenged youths and young adults.

The profit goes to their international study fund in Spirits United

Get custom-made Japanese kanji items

that others have never seen before

for gifts or your personal use. 

Through our custom-made option in Zazzle,

you can get cloths, Flip Flops, mugs, office products, accessories



How to Customize Your Order

1. Choose What Kind of Item You Want

Click HERE and choose a specific item you want to buy. Choose item color if there are any option. That’s the item we put Japanese character(s) on. We charge only 27% design fee on the price shown in Zazzle


2. Choose Letters/Message on Your Item

Decide what message/letter(s) you want on the item. You can also write a long message if you don’t mind the letters becoming small.


3. Choose Vertical or Horizontal Print

Japanese scripts are traditionally written vertically from top to bottom. Most of the Japanese historical documents are written in this manner while most of the Japanese websites write scripts horizontally. Let us know your preference.


4. Choose Text and Background Color (Not Item Color)

Choose what color you want for the text and the background. Choose color codes from here if you are familiar with HTML color code.


5. Choose Font Size (S, M, L)

You can choose small, medium or large.


6. Email Us Your 1-5 Choices

Put your choices in section 7 in our contact form and send it to us. Once we receive it, we create the design for you within one week.


7. Check the Item Images

We send the item images to you via email. If you are okay with the design, we order Zazzle the item with the design we make together. If it’s not okay, we keep communicating each other until we get a go from you.


8. Hooray! You’ve Got the Original Item!

Zazzle sends you the unique item we create together. Enjoy the only-one product.