Cultural/Language Exchange and International Meetup in Sapporo (Hokkaido)?

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Good Friends International is a diverse community of friends from varieties of backgrounds. This is a group created in Meetup.

When I came back to Sapporo after spending 10 years outside of Japan, Sapporo didn’t have any Meetup group while Courchsurfing Sapporo is quietly active and other big cities like Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya already had Meetup groups. So I created the first active Meetup group in Hokkaido to provide opportunities of intercultural experiences for both Japanese and non-Japanese. 

In the group, we now have Japanese, Taiwanese, Indian, Canadian, French, Mexican, English, Spanish, Libyan, Egyptian, German, American, Italian, Chinese and Thai (as of March 2014). I have a plan to have meetups in Tokyo as well. But for now, our activities have been held only in Sapporo area.

The members have meals/coffee/tea, enjoy language exchange, teach each other’s culture, have a fun time with a glass of beer/wine and many more together. It was initially founded in the hope that people with different cultures inspire each other and boost opportunities of intercultural education in the communities around us.

The most exciting thing I’ve witnessed involving in Good Spirits International is that a collection of individuals gradually becomes a group of friends as we spent more and more time together. Some people finished their time in Sapporo and went back to their own countries. But we constantly welcome newcomers and continue evolving as a community little by little.

The group is named “Good Spirits International” in the strong hope that good-hearted people gather together. We welcome you in the group regardless of your age, gender, faith and race/ethnicity. Just bring your good spirit and have a quality time with us.

Hope to chat with you soon.



Organizer of Good Friends International