Hello all,

I am Yasu, the founder of the international project team JAPANY. I’m Japanese, born and raised in the country of Ninja and Pokemon.

Thank you for visiting our website. I started our project Spirits United with a strong passion in 1) reducing social disparities stemming from family backgrounds and 2) in providing more educational and career options for young shut-ins and school dropouts.

My passion comes from my own social background and experiences.

My mother didn’t grow up with her parents and I myself had severely challenged period when my high school girlfriend had leukemia and died at age 19. Deeply depressed and not noticing how serious my breakdown was, I shut myself in and failed to focus on building my future.

I regained my strength little by little after a while and decided to leave my hometown to receive a university degree, which was the beginning of my 10-year international adventure. Since then the schools I attended supported me with financial aid and the people close to me had my back with love and care, which eventually enabled me to continue studying to receive a master’s degree and start a social business I have been longing for. 

With everyone’s kind supports, I studied in North America and earned B.A. in P.P.E (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) and M.A. in Religious Education. I was blessed to have worked for several churches and a private school in Singapore with my degrees.

Embracing much appreciation deep in my soul, I am eager to pave the way for other socially challenged and disadvantaged youths and young adults. I have personally associated with many socially challenged young people in my life, partly because of my character and partly because I had been working in churches in Canada and Japan. My heart always has driven me to take actions for them as their struggle and pain echo with my past experiences. 

We have now tried to provide them opportunities of international education with our partner organizations. We believe learning foreign languages, cultural communications and academic skills will be powerful forces for them to stride towards a healthy, hopeful future.

Please join our project if our missions stir your heart up. There is a lot of ways to support us. Let our spirits united and make a difference together in our societies like some Japanese universities do to foster care students.






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