Hello Kitty Darth Vadar

Yes, YOU. Hello there. Don’t underestimate the dark side of the Force, Obi-Wan. We gotcha. Consider this as your destiny, playing sweet and mellow “You Are My Destiny” back in your head. Music always helps.


Anyway, we seriously need YOUR support.

We are currently an NPO going to become a registered non-profit company in 2014. In our project Spirits United, we basically play a role of study abroad agent with a language tutor group collaborated. But we are distinct from other agencies as our raison d’être is to empower those socially challenged and build societies of equal opportunities for youths and young adults regardless of their social backgrounds.

We have tried to have a firm financial background through varieties of business activities. But we still have to ask you a little support so we can continue our missions for years to come.

Here are things you could do for us:

1) Becoming our partner schools and organizations.

We have been in search for partner schools/organizations that accept eligible students of ours with enough financial aid for them. Our social networking services (Twitter, Facebook and Google+) are blessed to be connected to many people from all over the world who are interested in Japanese language and cultures. We periodically promote our partners in our website, Twitter and Facebook, and inform the people how our partners make a positive impact on the lives of challenged young people.

2) Spreading the word about our activities

This increases our chances to get supporters and partners, which eventually contributes to our students’ education.


3) Connecting us with supportive organizations and individuals

More supportive language schools, universities/colleges and people we have, more options we can offer to our students.


4) Welcoming us as lecturers, workshop leaders, public speakers, church speakers

Yasu had done many of these at several public schools in the U.S. and three churches in Canada.

Yasu’s article on TES (Think, Evolve, Share) London: How I Teach- Simulate a Cultural Clash

Two of Yasu’s church sermons in the blog: Has Your Life Ever Ended Up in Michigan?For God’s Sake We Do It Differently! 

Yasu’s presentation record in the Huntingdon and Williamsburg County: Most Presentations by Alumni After Leaving Juniata College


5) Joining our cultural events

We plan to organize events in North America, Europe and Asia, and also online via Google+ Hangout/facebook.


6) Making a yearly, monthly or single donation

Allow us to put your name, picture, website, SNS etc., on our homepage if you don’t mind. We would like to make our supporters visible to the people.

7) Telling us a good joke 

Having a good laugh is a source of rejuvenation, a good medicine with no side effects. Relax our mind with your sense of humor.


8) Coming to see us…with love

We are always eager to meet good-hearted people. Come out and meet us when we visit your country or you come to Japan.


9) Giving us a big hug (You can do that virtually too)

Chant this like a Bible verse: “Thou shalt not stop hugging each other.”


10) Use our service “Japan United”

Yielded profits from Japan United partly go to Spirits United fund. 

Thank you for boosting our project

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